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Business Law - Legal Advice for Businesses

Solicitors Specialising in Legal Support for Business Clients

We are solicitors specialising in legal support for business clients.

When you need help from a Solicitor, call NA Legal

Our mission is to solve your legal disputes and other problems:-

  • Quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss
  • Within your individual budget
  • Avoiding costly court action where possible
  • But still getting you the outcome you need

Needing help with a business dispute?

Disputes involving your business are inevitable and most businesses will find the need to take legal advice from time to time.

Many disputes can be resolved by you and the other party informally, and that's the best way to deal with them when possible. But, when you're in a more complex situation, where the stakes are higher and you're interests are in conflict with someone else's then that's a good time to speak to a solicitor and discuss your options. When you're looking at that kind of dispute, then usually, the earlier you take advice the better.

Business Disputes 

The types of disputes businesses can become embroiled in are many and varied. There could, for instance, be a disagreement with a customer who refuses to pay; a dispute over the qualify of workmanship in a construction job; a debtor who just won't pay or someone claiming you negligently caused them a loss they want to sue you for. Broadly speaking, business disputes fall into one of these categories and our business disputes lawyers based in Yorkshire can help you with any of these:

Its impossible to describe every type of business dispute. Every single case is unique. But you'll know when you're involved in a business dispute and you'll have an idea yourself when it seems like a good time to seek advice.

Getting legal advice for your business

As well as helping you resolve disputes, we can give you advice and legal assistance in other legal issues you'll come across during the course of your business. There are huge number of legal issues that might arise on a daily basis while you're running your business and we can advise you on all of the following:-

Why choose NA Legal?

We help a large number of businesses with their legal problems every year. We are successful because we provide:-

  • Successful outcomes to problems, we’re very good at what we do. You’re in very safe hands.
  • Value for money at reasonable rates. We normally offer you a Fixed Price Fee so the full cost is certain from the start. 
  • You can pay us through a monthly instalment plan if you need to.
  • When necessary we can work at short notice and pull out all the stops for you.

We are experts in our field and have high success rates. Over 15 years' experience, we’re set up to provide you with good business legal advice and representation. Our clients achieve very high success rates helped by our commitment and genuine interest in winning cases. We do far more than just go through the legal motions. We discuss and agree a plan to go forward intelligently and with a clear purpose based on your needs and desired outcome.

Free discussion and initial assessment of your case

You can speak to us without obligation and run through the issues with a solicitor. You’ll get comments on your case and a proposal on how we can help. Pick up the phone and call.

Fixed price fees, payment options and instalment plans available

You’ll probably find it helpful for costs to be transparent, fixed and if need be payable by regular monthly instalments. Our client generally find this far better for cash flow and budgeting than hourly rates where the final bill is unknown.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation. Call us now on 0800 1777 522 or click here to make an online enquiry.

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