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Employment Law Advice for Employers

We are employment lawyers for employers. That is what makes us different from many other firms of employment law solicitors. Employment law is often seen solely from the point of view of the employee and their rights. Most employment lawyers focus primarily on employees and their rights with employer services there as an afterthought.

Our service is focused solely on the needs of employers and defending businesses against claims made by employees under employment law legislation, whether related to unfair dismissal, discrimination claims, harassment claims or otherwise. Even a routine employment law claim can be ruinous for a small or medium sized company. We are here to defend you against such an event.

If you need legal advice or if you are facing a possible claim from an employee then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss your case with you free of charge and tell you if we can help.

Here's how NA Legal's Employment Lawyers can help you:-

Free initial discussion and preliminary assessment of your case

You can speak to us without obligation and run through the issues with a solicitor. You'll get comments on your case and a proposal on how we can help. Pick up the phone and call - if not, your business may be at risk.

Flexible payment and instalment plans available

We provide fixed-fee employment law services to our clients as they often find it helpful for costs to be transparent, fixed and payable by regular monthly instalments - this is far better for cash flow and budgeting.

We only work with employers

Speak to someone solely focussed on helping employers to navigate through the employment law mine field.

Strategic approach to a successful outcome

Be assured that we do far more than blandly going through the legal motions. We'll discuss and agree a robust plan on how to go forward intelligenty and with clear purpose.

Nationwide Employment Law Service for Employers

We work for clients both in our locality and in all parts of England and Wales. It doesn't matter where you are based, we provide the same level of service and cover all courts and tribunals.

Employment Tribunal Representation Lawyers

We can represent you at any of the following Employment Tribunal venues.

Expert Employment Law Advice

It is often quoted that employment law is a mine field. This is more so in view of the steep penalties and awards you can face where you get things wrong.

We aim to give employers crystal clear, straightforward, practical advice on an employment law issue.

Whatever your employment law issue, you should bring it to us. Problem solving is our speciality. We'll take your problem and return the solution. 

Our advice will normally include the following and will be in clear written form:-

  1. Brief outline of the law as it effects you
  2. Your options and any risks involved
  3. Our recommended way forward for you

Typical issues you might seek an advice from us are:-

  • You're contemplating dismissal, disciplinary action or redundancies 
  • Taking over or selling a business or part of a business
  • You want to change your employee's pay or conditions
  • Changing working practices or job descriptions
  • Pregnancy, ill health, disability or retirement issues
  • Health and safety obligations

We can help advise on legal matters for your business throughout England and Wales:

In the North of England and Midlands :

Leeds | Sheffield | Hull | Manchester | Liverpool | Lincoln | Burnley
Leicester | Nottingham | Birmingham | Telford
Carlisle | Kendal | Newcastle Upon Tyne | Middlesbrough

In the South of England and Wales :

Ashford | Bedford | Brighton | Bristol | Bury St Edmunds
Cardiff | Exeter | Huntingdon | London Norwich | Reading
Shrewsbury | Southampton | Taunton |Watford

We offer a free initial telephone consultation. Call us now on 0800 1777 522 or click here to make an online enquiry.

Call us for free on 0800 1777 522

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