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Fees & Costs

Our Price Policy

Our aim is for our charges to be fair, reasonable and transparent.

Wherever possible we will give you a choice of how our fees are calculated. This could include a choice between a fixed price fee, an hourly rate or a combination of both.

Fixed Price Preference 

Our preference is always to quote a fixed price fee.  Wherever we are able to do so we will therefore quote you on a fixed price basis.  Fixed price fees are very popular with our clients because that way you will know exactly what the final fee will be at the time you go ahead with us. 
Sometimes it just isn't possible to quote a full fixed price as we don't know where a job is going to go (how long it will take, what stages will be involved etc). In that case we will where possible quote you a fixed price for the next step and recommend that we review the situation after that.

Other times we may offer to work for you on an hourly rate. With legal disputes, especially when they involve court proceedings, we may be able to offer no win / no fee type arrangements.

Quoting You 

As new client, we would always give you written costs information, including any fixed price quotes or costs estimates before we ever incurr any costs.

Although we give some examples below of the types of ranges our fee quotes might fall into, it is important to note that every job is different and so each price quote we give out is unique to the job you need doing.

Disbursement and Other Expenses

When acting for the buyer or tenant in a business or property purchase or a new lease there are likely to be search fees involved to some level. Very basic land registry searches can cost less than £20 in total. A fuller set of property searches including for example a local search, water and drainage, environmental and mining searches could cost in the range of £150 up to £550 or more depending on what searches are required and what area the property is in.

Where a property or lease needs to be registered, typical land registry fees are from £20 to £150 depending on the value of the property or rent under a lease.

There is also often a stamp duty land tax (SDLT) liability with leases and property purchases. We will give you accurate information on the exact liability when you instruct us.


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