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Contract & Trading Disputes

Do you need help with a contract or trading dispute?

How we approach your case

Working out your priorities and best outcome is key.  There is no point embarking on costly court proceedings just for the sake of it.  The whole exercise is about getting an outcome you’re happy with as quickly and low cost as possible.

In many cases a strong and detailed solicitors letter is sufficient to bring an end to a dispute.  Where that doesn’t do the trick, then working towards a negotiated outcome will generally be the best way forward.  Even if it gets to a point where court proceedings become necessary, the vast proportion of all cases are still settled before it gets to the stage of a full hearing.  Going to a full court hearing should usually be seen as a last resort though there will be some cases, where its cost effective to go straight to that process, where for example you have someone who has a weak case against you and is too obstinate to discuss things sensibly.   

Why people turn to us for help

We aim to help a large number of businesses with their legal problems every year.  We believe we are successful because we provide :

  • Successful outcomes to problems, we’re very good at what we do.  You’re in very safe hands.
  • Value for money at reasonable rates.  We normally offer you a Fixed Price Fee so the full cost is certain from the start. 
  • You can pay us through a monthly instalment plan if you need to.    
  • When necessary we can work at short notice and pull out all the stops for you.   

Our mission is to solve your legal disputes and other problems:

  • Quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss
  • Within your individual budget
  • Avoiding costly court action where possible
  • But still getting you the outcome you need

Contract disputes in Doncaster and Northern England

Just like any other business, you are involved in contracts all the time.  Every time you sell to a customer or place an order from a supplier, you are making a contract.

Think of a contract is a legally binding agreement.  Once an agreement is made, it becomes enforceable.  A contract does not have to be in writing to be valid, although complex contracts usually are made in the form of a legal document.  A contract can be made verbally or even without a word being said such as when a customer hands over payment having selected something they want to buy.  A contract can be worth as little as a few pence to hundreds of thousands of pounds, the law remains the same whatever the value of the agreement.   

A dispute arises where one party claims they have a right under a contract which is disputed.  For example, your business might have supplied products to a customer which the customer claims are faulty.  So they claim you breached the contract and claim a right to compensation.  You dispute this and claim they were damaged after delivery.

Another type of contract dispute is where the parties differ on what was actually agreed.  This can occur where the agreement was made verbally but can also arise where there is a written contract, but its interpretation is disputed.

Every dispute is unique.  What may appear to be straight forward agreements can sometimes lead to very complex disputes. 

Free assessment of your case

When you’re involved in an actual or potential contract dispute then we’ll be very happy to talk to you free of charge about your case.

If we believe it’s a case we might be able to help you with further then, also free of charge, we’ll undertake an assessment of the situation and give you our recommended course of action along with a cost plan. 

Legal costs

Contract disputes can become expensive.  As a smaller business we recognise that there will be limits on your budget and that cost-effectiveness is key.  We can potentially offer you a variety of methods to fund any work we do on your behalf.  This could be the traditional hourly rate, a fixed price fee, monthly instalments or even a no win no fee type arrangement. 

You should feel free to pick up the phone and speak to us at any time to discuss your problems and requirements.  We’ll be very glad to listen to your issue, give you feedback and tell you how we can help you.  Where we can help you, we’ll assess your case and propose an action plan.  This is all absolutely free of charge and without obligation so please pick up the phone and get in touch. We offer a free telephone consultation. Contact us now on 0800 1777 522.

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