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Debt Collection

Do you need help with a debt collection or a money claim ?

Late payment is a big problem for small and medium businesses.  A survey found that 56% of cash flow problems result from late payment.  There are some regulations giving enhanced rights to small and medium businesses such as a right to claim interest and claim compensation in addition to the actual debt itself.  Business to business payment terms are 60 days and 30 days where you are owed money by a public body.

Legal costs

As a smaller business we recognise that there will be limits on your budget and that cost-effectiveness is key.  We can potentially offer you a variety of methods to fund any work we do on your behalf.  This could be the traditional hourly rate, a fixed price fee, monthly instalments or even a no win no fee type arrangement.

How we approach your case

In the first instance we’ll write to the person who owes you money and if appropriate we’ll back this up with a phone call.  Where the problem is the other person’s ability to pay, it might be that a reasonable solution is to agree some kind of repayment plan.

Where a reasonable solution isn’t possible then we’ll discuss with you the possible steps we can take to enforce the debt.  These could include the following :

  • Applying for a county court judgment
  • Making the other party bankrupt
  • Winding up order if it is a company who owes you money
  • A court order for their bank to pay you direct
  • A court order for enforcement against property
  • Writ of execution, getting bailiffs to seize assets

The precise course of action will depend on the specifics of your case and what your priorities are. 

Why people turn to us for help

We aim to help a large number of businesses with their legal problems every year.  We believe we are successful because we provide :

  • Successful outcomes to problems, we’re very good at what we do.  You’re in very safe hands.
  • Value for money at reasonable rates.  We normally offer you a Fixed Price Fee so the full cost is certain from the start. 
  • You can pay us through a monthly instalment plan if you need to.    
  • When necessary we can work at short notice and pull out all the stops for you.    

Our mission is to solve your legal disputes and other problems :

  • Quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss
  • Within your individual budget
  • Avoiding costly court action where possible
  • But still getting you the outcome you need

We find that the longer you allow any debts owed to you to fester, the more difficult it is to enforce them and the more likely it is you will never be paid.  Prompt action yields better results.  Of course, there are other considerations for you as a business owner.  You might want not want to damage a commercial relationship by getting heavy too early for example. 

Debt Collection Lawyers in Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Scunthorpe and Northern England.

You should feel free to pick up the phone and speak to us at any time to discuss your problems and requirements. We’ll be very glad to listen to your issue, give you feedback and tell you how we can help you. Where we can help you, we’ll assess your case and propose an action plan. This is all absolutely free of charge and without obligation so please pick up the phone and get in touch. We offer a free telephone consultation. Contact now on 0800 1777 522.

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