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Buying or Selling a Business

Solicitors for Selling or Buying Your Business

Over many years of being involved with business transfers, we've found over and over again about what clients who are selling their businesses really want from their solicitor.  What they want are fast completions; fixed prices where they know exactly what the final cost will be from the start; and their solicitors keeping them free of as much of the hassle and stress as possible.  

It is there priorities that we've designed our business sales services around.  This is a summary of what makes us a great choice of solicitor to handle your business sale :

  • Targeting completion of legal formalities within 28 days 

  • Nothing for you to pay us upfront, we only receive our fee at completion 

  • Fixed price fees so you know exactly what the total cost will be from the beginning

  • Free aftercare support and related legal advice if required

  • We prioritise making the process stress-less and pleasant for you 

What kind of business sales do we deal with ?

We've dealt with the transfer of most types of businesses over the years.  There is no such thing as a typical business sale, but generally the types of businesses we deal with are small to medium sized businesses selling anything from £40,000 to £1m.  Below are some examples of the types of business sales we can deal with for you :

Hotels Professional Practices Restaurants 
Online Selling Post offices Shops & Retail
Engineering / Manufacturing Childrens Nurseries Pubs and Bars
Night clubs Hotels and Hospitality Petrol Stations
Road haulage Bus / Coaches / Taxi Businesses Hairdressers 

What's involved in the legal side of selling or buying my business 

Trandfering even a very small business can be a complex task.  There are a lot different aspects that all need to be tied up with the sale to make it legal.  Your buyer will be spending a lot of money for your business and ultimately what you'll be selling will be a mixture of physical assets and a bundle of legal rights and entitlements.  Just a few of the possible aspects that need to be dealt with dealt with legally are : transfer of ownership of business assets; employees rights and contracts; leasehold or freehold property; websites; copy rights and trading names; contracts with supplies; contracts with customers; book debts; creditors; potential future legal claims; licensing, registration and permit issues; warranties; future competition and restraint of trade matters.  These are just a few of the more obvious issues.  Each business sale is different and the set of specific issues to be dealt with is unique to every sale.

You can find much more information on the detail of some of the issues involved in a business sale from other pages on our website.  But if there's anything you're not sure about or want to discuss further then do not hesitate to contact us today either by calling 0800 1777 522 or using our online enquiry form.  

It will pay to get us on board with your business sale 

If you start to understand the breadth of issues that could be involved in the legal side, then you will appreciate how easy it is to get bogged down in problems that can eat up time and expense.  That really is why its of massive value of you to get us on board as your solicitor.  You will then have a solicitor who is committed to ironing out potential problems right at the start (well before anything gets to a crisis point) and who puts all their efforts into negotiating the legal side quickly and smoothly.  

It really does make a huge difference to the final outcome.  


If you have any questions about anything; want to discuss your particular case or if you want us to handle your business sale then please do get in touch with us today.  You can call us on 0800 1777 522, email or use our online enquiry form.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and would be very pleased to help in any way we can.  

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