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Introduction to the Construction, Design and Management Regulations

The current design and management regulations are set out in the Constructions (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (“CDM 2015”). These regulations have an impact on pretty much everyone involved in construction, development and redevelopment work in Great Britain. Even small and domestic projects are covered. The regulations place various duties and obligations on different parties within the construction project. An outline of the main features are as follows:
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Simon Newman

Assigning a Lease

What does it mean to assign a lease? 

Assignment is the term used to describe the process where a tenant under a lease transfers the lease to someone else (called the “assignee”). When the assignment has taken place, the original tenant ceases to be a tenant under the lease and the assignee becomes the tenant. If you think of the lease as being something that is owned by a tenant, then the lease is effectively sold to a new tenant.

The new tenant then takes over all the rights, obligations and liabilities under the lease and is accountable to the landlord.

Can all leases be assigned?

The question of whether a lease can be assigned and on what conditions will be contained within the lease. In other words, the lease itself will say whether the lease is assignable and if it is, then what conditions must be met as part of the process. Some leases prohibit assignment altogether, others allow an assignment but only on strict conditions.

In most cases, one of the conditions is that the landlord has to give legally binding written consent to an assignment. Usually, the landlord will also want to have vetted the new tenant/assignee in advance and approve them as a condition of the assignment.

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What the difference between a share sale and an asset sale ?

There are two basic structures for transferring a business.  An asset sale is where the buyer purchases a collection of assets and legal rights (and sometimes liabilities) relating to the business.  An example of this might be a grocery shop business where the buyer purchases the business premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment used by the business, stock and takes on the employees.  Most transfers of small businesses are asset sales. 
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What can you do when your commercial tenant breaches their lease?

What steps you can take to remedy a breach depends on the type of breach, what the lease says and what your aims are, in relation to the property. By your aims in relation to the property, what we mean is whether, for example, you want to get the tenant out of the property or you just want your tenant to put the breach right and then remain.
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Modern v Traditional Property Auctions

The difference between traditional and modern property auctions

What are called “modern auctions” or “conditional auctions” are becoming more popular. What is the difference between modern auctions and traditional auctions?

The traditional (unconditional) auctions

Traditional auctions are exactly what most people think of when they talk about auctions. The property auction is held in the traditional sense with an auctioneer in a room with parties bidding on lots. The hammer falls when a successful bidder is the last one bidding. At that point the bidder pays their 10% deposit and the property then completes on pre-determined terms, normally within 28 days.
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