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Public Inquiry Venues

Public Inquiries generally take place in court rooms at the offices of the Traffic Commissioner in various parts of Great Britain but may be held at other places.

These are the main venues where we regularly represent operators at public inquiries.

South East and London Traffic Area  

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This covers the South East of England and Greater London up to the borders with Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Dorset and Essex. The Traffic Commissioner for this area is Miss Sarah BellThe Traffic Area Office is based at Ivy House on Ivy Terrace in Eastbourne. Sometimes public inquiries are held in Central London at Breams Buildings close to Chancery Lane or at the TFL builing in the Blackfriars area.

North East of England Traffic Area


This stretches from Nottingham to the Scottish Borders. The Traffic Area Office is at Hillcrest House in Leeds, which is also where all operator licence applications for the whole UK are processed. The Traffic Commissioner is Mr Kevin Rooney.

West Midlands Traffic Area


The Traffic Area Office is based at George Street in Edgbaston Birmingham. Mr Nick Denton is the Traffic Commissioner.

South West Traffic Area


This covers a large area from the edge of the Midlands and from the outskirts of Greater London and including Devon and Cornwall. The Traffic Commissioner is Mr Kevin Rooney. The Traffic Area Office is based in Bristol at Jubilee House.

North West Traffic Area


The North West Traffic Area stretches from Derby to the Western Scottish Borders. The Traffic Area Office is at Golborne which is situated between Manchester, Liverpool and Warrington. The Traffic Commissioner is the Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain, Mrs Beverley Bell. Because of Mrs Bell’s commitment to the role of Senior Traffic Commissioner, most public inquiries in the North West are dealt with by a deputy Traffic Commissioner. This is often Mr Simon Evans.

Welsh Traffic Area


The Welsh Traffic Area is the only one without its own independent office but this is due to change in 2017 with a dedicated Welsh Traffic Area Office in Wales. The Traffic Commissioner for Wales is Mr Nick Jones.  The Welsh Traffic Area Office is currently shared with the West Midlands and is based at George Street in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Because there is no dedicated Traffic Area Office situated in Wales yet, public inquiries take place at a number of venues throughout Wales. Public Inquiries in the South of Wales usually take place at Cardiff Magistrates Court. Further North public inquiries regularly take place in Welshpool and at various other locations in the Northern parts of Wales.

East of England Traffic Area


This area covers the whole of East Anglia and the area from the border of Hertfordshire and Greater London, the whole of Essex, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. The Traffic Commissioner is Mr Richard Turfitt. The Traffic Area Office is based in Cambridge.

Scottish Traffic Area


This is the largest Traffic Area in terms of square miles and covers the whole of Scotland including the islands. The Traffic Area Office is in Waterloo Place in Edinburgh. Because of the size of the Traffic Area, public inquiries often take place at venues across Scotland including Inverness, Aberdeen and on the various islands including the Orknies and Western Isles. Miss Joan Aitken is the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland.

Northern Ireland 


In Northern Ireland public inquiries are held at the Transport Regulatory Unit building in Bedford Street in Northern Ireland.  There is no Traffic Commissioner in Northern Ireland but public inquiries are conducted by the head of the TRU, currently Miss Donna Knowles.  

What to do if you need help with a public inquiry

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