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Leeds Public Inquiries

Have you been called to a Transport Public Inquiry in Leeds ?

We're specialist transport law solicitors who defend goods and passenger vehicle operator licences at traffic commissioner public inquiries

Over 90% of our clients remain on the road after their public inquiry.

If you're received a letter from the Traffic Commissioner's office in Leeds calling you to a public inquiry then its a serious matter and you need to take some legal advice as soon as possible.

We'll be very happy to have a chat with you about the issues, give you some initial advice on your case and let you know if we can help you further to defend your licence.   

Why are you called to Public Inquiry?

There are two main types of public inquiries.  These are where there are alleged grounds for the traffic commissioner to take disciplinary action against your operators licence.  And the other main type of public inquiry is where you've applied for a new licenece or a variation and the traffic commissioner has doubts about granting it.

If you've been called for disciplinary reasons then the traffic commissioner will consider revoking or suspending your licence and disqualifying from from operator licensing.  If its an application, then the application could be refused.Either way, there are potentially very serious consequences for your business. 

We can give you good, solid advice on either type of public inquiry and potentially represent you at the public inquiry itself. 

What's the outcome of public inquiries in Leeds?

The Traffic Commissioner's annual report shows that in Leeds for 2014 to 2015 there were 30 goods vehicle operators licences revoked and 11 suspended from 93 public inquiries, only 4 public inquiries resulted in no action taken.

For passenger vehicles, 25 operator licences were revoked and 3 suspended from 50 public inquiries, only 6 public inquiries resulted in no regulatory action.

Q & A for Leeds public inquiries

Why is my public inquiry at Leeds, I’m miles away?

Hillcrest House in Leeds is the office for the North East Traffic Area. Most public inquiries in the North East are held in Leeds though some may be held at local locations on an ad hoc basis.

Do I need a solicitor?

As explained above, the large majority of public inquiries result in some regulatory action being taken from termination of the licence to conditions being applied.

How much are legal fees for a public inquiry in Leeds?

This entirely depends on the facts of your case. We’ll always quote you a fixed price fee before we take on your case. Typical fees for us for a small public inquiry can be as little as £650 + vat, most though are in the region of £1,500 + vat. You should always ask us for a quote and we offer a monthly instalment option.

Make sure you get good advice

The statistics above demonstrate how serious a call to public inquiry is and how important it is for you to get good legal advice from someone who knows how to prepare for and handle a public inquiry successfully.


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